Competition Listing

3/27/17 - We have been working hard with MBA designing a shirt for our upcoming Virginia Beach competition. This shirt is available to everyone, children and parents alike. MBA will be selling the same shirt and it would look awesome to see our combined support at our upcoming competition THE ONE in Virginia Beach. To make sure they arrive in time the deadline is March 30th so please make sure to order them ASAP.

Prepayment is required. You may print and bring your form and payment to your next practice. The form is also editable (at least it should be) so you can simply fill in the fields, email it back to me, and pay the amount due using our Online Payment option from our website. Either is acceptable.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you like the design and we flood the arena with our fans!  The form can be found here.

1/23/17 - After careful consideration and hearing your thoughts we have decided to compete as scheduled at the Christian Cheer Association Nationals. Due to the change in location, however, we will NOT be competing on Friday evening and instead each squad will perform TWICE on Saturday. The online information has been updated and we will have further information as we obtain it.

1/9/2017 - I REALLY did not want to cancel class tonight! After so much time off I'm itching to get back in the gym. I was even willing to end early to get everyone home before it got to late and with it being an optional class I felt people could decide on their own if the roads around them were safe for travel. Springwood Ave still has some patches of ice, but the deal breaker is the parking lot at our gym is still a mess and that is something everyone would have to deal with. So classes for this evening are canceled.

While we don't always follow local schools in their decisions to cancel or not because the timing of our activities are different, they consider many of the same factors we do and have much better sources than I do. Guilford has already called off school for tomorrow (and probably will not be the only one) so I imagine our parking lot would not be the only difficulties. With temperature forecast to rise above freezing (for the first time since the snowfall) tomorrow and remain there the rest of the week, hopefully we can return to our normal schedule beginning tomorrow.

1/8/2017 - I always stress over making the right decisions when it comes to the weather, so it's nice when the weather makes it an easy choice. With so much snow and temperatures that have yet to climb above freezing we have decided to cancel practice today. Despite my street looking clear, just above it where they did not the scrape the road is still covered. I imagine many of the country roads are still equally snow covered.

BUT with the Holidays, now this, and competition being ONLY two weeks away we simply can't miss a practice without attempting to replace it. We'll keep an eye on conditions, but for now we are planning for Evolution to practice this Wednesday and Empower to practice this Thursday. So do what is necessary to clear your schedule. I know it's short notice and it's not ideal, but we need more than two practices after the Holiday break we've had.

I'll be sure to send out confirmations concerning Monday night tumbling, Evolution's Wednesday practice, and Empower's Thursday practice on those days assuming road conditions improve.

1/1/2017 - As happened in the first competition, things change. Especially when we put together the schedule way back in May. When it does, however, we try to keep the changes to a minimum and we really do put a lot of thought into it. When it's an easy change we make it and when it's not we try to solicit input. With that in mind here are two upcoming competition changes.

The February 11th competition originally scheduled for Winston Salem was moved to Charlotte. Knowing it's easier to change location than date we have elected to attend the Charlotte competition on the same date. The website is already updated and many of you already had Charlotte marked down.

A bigger issue is the March 4th and 5th Christian Cheer Association competition who has moved their competition from Winston Salem where it has always been held to Fayetteville this year. This is a unique competition and the change presents several challenges. We would like to get parent input on this as well as let you know the details, reasons for the change (it was not their choice), and options. So we will begin your child's next practice with a parent meeting. If you want information or would like to give your thoughts this is your opportunity.

If you're keeping track this is three of our first four competitions that have faced changes. It is unfortunately a common occurrence over the years. The lesson is we do our best to give you a good schedule and to keep you up to date, but be flexible cause the competitions switch things on us :-)

Elevate and Enchanted will begin practice Tuesday, January 3rd with their parent meeting.
Empower and Evolution will begin practice Sunday, January 8th with their parent meeting.

12/14/16 - Sunday, Dec. 18th we have scheduled for a Christmas Party. Nothing big, just something small to celebrate the season. We will begin at 2 pm with a video review of the previous day's competition. This will be beneficial for those who competed to see how they did and for those who didn't to get back into the competition swing of things.

Following that we will celebrate with food and gifts. This will be a pot luck, we will provide drinks so just bring some type of snack or desert. In addition the girls have asked if we could do cheer sisters again this year. This will be our first opportunity to do that. We have paired each member of the program with a member of another squad to get to know better through out the year. Instead of exchanging gifts as a game as we usually do, this year we will exchange gifts with your cheer sister. Please only a gift of $10-$15. We don't want to make it expensive and we don't want anyone to feel bad for spending less than their partner. We have informed the girls of their sister, but if yo8u need further information feel free to contact us. The Theme for the day is Ugly Christmas Sweater, but any Tacky Christmas shirt will do :-)

Christmas Party
2 pm - approximately 4 pm

10/14/16 - We reached out to all of our friends following Hurricane Matthew to see of their needs and what we could to help. Jamie Hughes who runs the Carolina Fierce All-Stars in Lumberton, NC responded with several of their families adversely affected and two families who lost everything. They have included the sizes and items they are in need of. We will be accepting items as long as we can and hope to deliver them sometime next week. All items will be appreciated, but obviously coming from one program to another don't forget their cheer needs.

8 year old boy - clothes size 8, shoes size 5
10 year old boy - clothes size 10/12, shoes size 7
14 year old boy - pants 20 (boys)/29x30 (men's), shirts 20 boys/small (men's)
14 year old female - clothes size 10/medium, panties size 7, bra 36C, shoes 8.5
16 year old female - clothes size 14/large, panties size 8, bra 38D, shoes 8.5
male - pants 38 or 40 X 30, shirts 2X or 3X, underwear 2X, shoes 11
female - shirt 2X or 18/20, underwear size 9, bra 40DD, shoes 9
female - small tops, medium bottoms
female - large tops, extra large bottoms
plus men's clothes and infants clothes, new underwear of any size, and toiletries

9/30/16 - Most of our members have been sized for uniforms by now and sent home with a form detailing what they are ordering and the associated cost. If you have questions about the form (including the sizes to be ordered) do not hesitate to come in and actually see the girls in the sizers. If you have no questions please sign the top half of the form where it says Parent Signature. Please return the entire form with a check for at least half of the total amount. A non-refundable deposit of at least half is required to order the items.

Included with this email is a form for a soft drink fundraiser. All information is listed on the form. Profits vary, but you will average $4.00 profit per item sold. Money from this fundraiser will go directly to your account. Deadline for the uniform deposit and the fundraiser is Oct. 11, 2016.

During October we have several events taking place for everyone along with a few for individual squads we wanted to remind you of. Everyone is invited (parents and friends as well) to join us on Wednesday, Oct. 26 as we visit one of the local haunted houses. Obviously this is only for those who enjoy the thrill of being scared! Practices on Oct 25th and Oct 30th will obviously be a Halloween themed practice, so come dressed in your outfit of choice. Just be sure to bring a change of clothes to practice!

With the summer behind us the competition season is fast approaching and we're very excited to be getting things started as we look forward to some exciting events!

6/18/16 - Arrangements for Katilyn's father Steven Brame have been made. Visitation
will be this Monday from 6 to 8 pm at the Lowe Funeral Home. We will have
our 5:30 non-competitive tumbling class this Monday, but the 6:30 and 7:30
class will be canceled so that members and staff who wish to attend can.
Details can be found here.

We have designed a simple black and white t-shirt that says "Proud Parent of an
Extremely Awesome Cheerleader" that we will be selling. It is not specific
to Carolina Elite and can be sold to members of any program. We felt it
would be a shirt Steven would appreciate. All proceeds will go directly to
Kaitlyn's account. We should have the artwork and details ready by Monday.
In addition many of you have expressed a desire to donate and any money received
will also go directly to her account.

6/16/16 - Kaitlyn Brame has been a member of our program for many years and is currently a member on our Empower squad. Last night her father, Steven Brame, was killed in a car accident. I don't have the details, but the important part is that we have lost a member of our family. It's always nice when we have dads active in the gym and Steven certainly was. He was often in the gym for practices, attending competitions to watch Kaitlyn, and even competed on our Entourage parent squad last year. Certainly one of the rare instances where I've had the privledge of coaching both a daughter and her father. He was not just a cheer dad, but truly a member of our cheer family. .

Kaitlyn's younger brother was also involved in the wreck, but I am told he is doing fine. Please keep Kaitlyn and her family in your thoughts and prayers. In the words of Kaitlyn's mother Kristine, she is going to need both prayers and all of us. I know many of you want to be there for her and I will pass along the details when I learn of them. In addition we are working on a way you can help to support her financially and will pass that along as well once it is finalized.

6/1/16 - Join us this Saturday, June 4th at the Yo Zone in Burlington for a Carolina Elite fundraiser. 20% of the sales go back to Carolina Elite BUT you MUST mention our name!!!

June 16th we will begin a Cheer 101 class focusing on the motion, jump, dance, and stunting aspects of cheerleading. This is a good introductory class for anyone contemplating cheerleading. Cost is $60 for a 6 week session. Be sure to pass along the information to anyone you think may be interested. We will have two sessions, one for ages 5-9 and one for ages 10-14. Please visit our enrollment page to sign up.

June 16th will also begin our Tumble Tots class for the summer. This is our second year having this summer class for children ages 2-4 yrs old. Cost is $60 for a 6 week session. Classes are focused on parent assisted creative movement. In an obstacle course format, participants will work on social interaction and learning physical skills. Some activities include but are not limited to mini trampolines, parachute play, tunnel work, and basic tumbling. Be sure to let you anyone with a young child interested in getting them involved about this opportunity. Please visit our enrollment page to sign up.

June 18th will be our Summer Tumbling Clinic. Cost is $30 for a 2 hour clinic. We will have two sessions, one for beginners and one for those more advanced. This clinic will be taught by outside staff with Carolina Elite staff on hand to assist. In addition we will be utilitzing a high speed camera to take video footage that you can then view in HD slow motion to assist in your learning. Please visit our enrollment page to sign up.. Space is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

July 16th will be our Summer Co-ed Stunt Clinic. Cost is $30 for a 2 hour clinic. Current and former college and competitive cheerleaders will on hand to allow you to experience co-ed stunting. For those of you interested in cheering on a co-ed team in college this is an excellent opportunity. We will have two sessions, but you must be 10 and above to participate. Please visit our enrollment page to sign up. Space is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

Information on all of these activities can be found on our website at Links on the left include a schedule under Calendar, class descriptions under Classes, the ability to pay under Online Payment, and sign-up under Enrollment. There are still several other summer activities we are still planning and will inform you about those as soon as they are finalized.

Last but not least, we use our gym quite often but due to the nature of working with children there are many times where the gym is idle. We currently rent the gym out to a Dance Studio that teaches bollywood dancing and would like to add to these opportunities. If you know of any certified instructing needing a place to teach activities such as aerobics, yoga, dance, zoomba, etc. please put them in touch with us to see if we can assist them.