I have to be honest, here in Eden we have seen very little effects of Hurricane Florence.  But we have been just outside of the storm's circle for most of the time and so probably cannot judge conditions well.  To look outside my window I wouldn't think to cancel practice, but they are predicting the worst today along with flash flooding and river flood warnings.  Ultimately it comes down to this, the message from the NCDOT is  "ROAD CONDITIONS DETERIORATING ACROSS NC The public is strongly advised to off the roads as travel conditions across the state deteriorate due to rising flood waters and fallen trees. Do not put your life, or the life of others, in danger by driving."
It is obvious from video and reports further east that this storm is dangerous and in addition to the current conditions, many are on the roads in response to evacuations.  Conditions vary greatly from area to area and we have girls that come from all around.  We don't always follow along with what schools, etc. do but we do always try to be safe.  Snow is the usual culprit and is often hard to judge, but I believe this is the first we have had to decide based on a hurricane.  That's a long explanation of why it's more than simple rain we're canceling for and hope you agree.  With that in mind we will be canceling practice today.
Be sure to keep an eye on our website for updates for this week's practices/classes as flood conditions are supposed to grow worse though out the week, peaking on Tuesday morning and receding below flood level by Thursday morning.  Despite it not being as bad as feared here, much of the rain falling now will enter our area either through rain downfall or by flowing into the local rivers from upstream.
Last be sure to keep all of those affected by this storm in your prayers.  In particular our sister gyms Crystal Coast All-Stars and Myrtle Beach All-Stars.