Although our original schedule has been changed on us quite a few times, when originally presented this was the only back to back competitions of the season.  Thanks to some rescheduling and snow, however, the past few weeks have been very busy.  They have also been very successful though and hard as it is to imagine after this weekend there will only be a hand full of competitions left.  So let's make sure we take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy this season all we can!
We are working on some conflicts for Electric and Energy.  We should know after tonight if they will be able to attend.  The times below for those two squads are assuming we are able to attend.
General Information
The competition will take place this Saturday, March 9th at the Dorton Arena located at 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607  Admission is $15, 3 and under are Free.  Parking is free.  No flash photography!.  Videoing is not allowed from the VIP section.  No livestream of the event is allowed for the protection of the athletes.  This is a good time to remind everyone that we ask you to not post videos of our team's performances for the protection of our athletes.  We ask that the parents make sure they are down front together (when VIP sections are available), cheering, and LOUD!  Feel free to wear Carolina Elite colors!

Schedule and Meeting Times for Saturday
Competition Starts at 8:00 am
Electric should arrive by 7:45 am
Electric goes to warmups at 8:04 am
Energy should arrive by 8:00 am
Energy goes to warmups at 8:24 am
Enchanted should arrive by 8:15 am
Enchanted goes to warmups at 9:08 am
Awards are scheduled for 10:00 am you may leave following awards
Elevate should arrive by 12:30 pm
Elevate goes to warmups at 1:06 pm
Excite, Evolution, and Empower should arrive by 1:15 pm
Excite goes to warmups at 2:42 pm
Evolution goes to warmups at 3:18 pm
Empower goes to warmups at 4:00 pm
Awards are scheduled for 5:15 pm
Uniform, Hair, and Makeup

This year we are doing a straight high ponytail.  It looks good, it's simple, and keeps it off of the shoulders where it might get in the way.  Please watch this video to see how it should be done to stay high https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTNFwy-Tn5s.   If you need someone to do help with your hair please arrive in plenty of time to have them do it.  Don't wait til the last minute and be respectful when asking others to help.  As is usually the case we have selected a hairstyle that is clean and elegant!  The parents will appreciate it when they aren't taking hours to do the hair...and the kids will appreciate it years later when they look back and don't see a "bump".

As always DO NOT FORGET UNIFORM, SHOES, AND BLOOMERS.  Check and double check before leaving.  Then check again.  We expect no more make up than you would normally wear to school, including no glitter.  Clear lip gloss is perfect.  Also remove any finger nail polish and trim nails.  Long nails can be considered a safety hazard.  No jewelry is allowed.  Please arrive in uniform ready to perform (that means not in pajamas and boots).

Medical Form

Medical forms are already taken care of from previous competition.


Those competing in the morning session make sure to eat breakfast before competing.  Those competing in the evening session should eat a late lunch before arriving. 

Last but not least

Please allow at LEAST an additional 30 minutes to whatever your GPS says it will take to arrive. You never know when you may have a flat tire, a broken axel, pulled for speeding, hit traffic, get lost...the list goes on!

This has been an amazing year up til now, but we need to stay focused for that to continue!  Everyone has competition and several have local teams in their division so let's be on top of our games this weekend!