We've never been to Savannah before and it's been a while since we've been to Georgia for a competition.  I hope everyone is excited and ready to go.  Looking forward to a great weekend!
A special note on the times.  After speaking to some of the parents we came up with the times for Saturday and Sunday.  It's not a perfect situation because of how the schedule was set up for us, but I hope everyone finds it a good compromise.  I try hard to be fair in handling situations like this, so please don't take advantage of it and simply ignore the times.  The alternative is taking attendance and holding people out who do not follow the directions and that is NOT something I want to do.  If you have special circumstances please see me on Saturday so it can be discussed.
Anyone on Elevate and Excite who is staying Sunday night or willing to stay a little later to support the later squads would be greatly appreciated.  After a long weekend and multiple performances, you don't know the energy you give them when they see a big crowd out there to cheer them on.  I try to be fair, but as it says in our etiqutte contract "It is an important part of showing respect to the competition and the competitors."  You can add showing support to your teammates to that as well!
General Information

The competition will take place this Saturday, April 6th and Sunda, April 7th at the Savannah Conventino Center located at 301 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA 31401  Spectator entry is $20 per day or $30 for both days.  Parking on site is $5, but if the lot is full I don't know how much parking elsewhere might be.  We ask that the parents make sure they are down front together (when VIP sections are available), cheering, and LOUD!  Feel free to wear Carolina Elite colors!
Motel Info

Schedule and Meeting Times for Saturday
Competition Starts at 10:00 am
Elevate should arrive by 10:40 am
Elevate goes to warmups at 11:10 am
Excite should arrive by 11:30 am
Following Elevate both squads may leave for lunch
Excite should arrive back by 2:05 pm
Excite goes to warmups at 2:35 pm
Elevate should arrive back by 3:00 pm
Following Excite both squads are allowed to leave for the day
(Elevate and Excite please be down front to support each other)
Evolution should arrive at 2:55 pm
Evolution goes to warmups at 3:25 pm
Empower should arrive at 3:45 pm
Empower goes to warmups at 4:20 pm
Following Empower both squads are allowed to leave for the day
(Evolution and Empower please be down front to support each other)

Schedule and Meeting Times for Sunday
Competition Starts at 10:00 am
Elevate should arrive by 10:40 am
Elevate goes to warmups at 11:10 am
Following your performance Elevate is allowed to leave
(anyone willing to stay and watch the later teams would be greatly appreciated)
Excite should arrive by 12:50 pm
Excite goes to warmups at 1:20 pm
Following your performance Excite is allowed to leave
(anyone willing to stay and watch the later teams would be greatly appreciated)
Evolution/Empower should arrive at 1:45 pm
Evolution goes to warmups at 2:15 pm
Empower goes to warmups at 3:05
Awards are scheduled for 4:05 pm
Evolution/Empower is allowed to leave following awards
Uniform, Hair, and Makeup

This year we are doing a straight high ponytail.  It looks good, it's simple, and keeps it off of the shoulders where it might get in the way.  Please watch this video to see how it should be done to stay high https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTNFwy-Tn5s.   If you need someone to do help with your hair please arrive in plenty of time to have them do it.  Don't wait til the last minute and be respectful when asking others to help.  As is usually the case we have selected a hairstyle that is clean and elegant!  The parents will appreciate it when they aren't taking hours to do the hair...and the kids will appreciate it years later when they look back and don't see a "bump".

As always DO NOT FORGET UNIFORM, SHOES, AND BLOOMERS.  Check and double check before leaving.  Then check again.  We expect no more make up than you would normally wear to school, including no glitter.  Clear lip gloss is perfect.  Also remove any finger nail polish and trim nails.  Long nails can be considered a safety hazard.  No jewelry is allowed.  Please arrive in uniform ready to perform (that means not in pajamas and boots).

Medical Form

Most Medical forms are already taken care of from previous competition.  Only missing 4 of the online forms so be sure to take care of that if you have not already done so.


Time vary so much, but be sure to eat before you perform.  It's a long weekend and you'll need your fuel!

Last but not least

Please allow at LEAST an additional 30 minutes to whatever your GPS says it will take to arrive. You never know when you may have a flat tire, a broken axel, pulled for speeding, hit traffic, get lost...the list goes on!  This is particularly true on Saturday when you don't know where you'll park, traffic, etc.  Sunday may be a bit easier, but don't risk it on Saturday!

I've tried to be fair in my handling of the weekend and do what I can to allow you time to enjoy the trip, but remember we are here to compete first.  You'll enjoy the weekend much more with two perfect performances!  The times given are the least required, but feel free to come early or stay late to support the other teams.  Elevate/Excite members are free to stay for Awards as well, particularly those who are sticking around Sunday night.

The girls have been doing great and I hope they are heading to Georgia with as much confidence in themselves as the coaches have in them!