Are you burned out from another year of disappointments
at another program?
Were tryouts somewhere not what you expected or
perhaps not the staff you wanted?
Afraid all-stars is too expensive despite claims of
being the cheapest around?

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#Cheer - We're not a dance studio, we're not a gymnastics gym, we're the Carolina Cheer Center.
If you want the best in cheerleading, join the streak.

#Class - Parents shouldn't feel they have to sacrifice their ideals for their child to be successful in cheerleading.
Uniforms, dance, hair, and make-up are all items that parents (even the dads) AND cheerleaders should be comfortable with.

#Safe - We teach our members in an age appropriate manner
that focuses on safety with perfection before progression. 
You can't have Seniors, if they're burnt out and broken by the time they're 10.

#Ratio - Many gyms operate with just a few coaches,
but we've always felt squads and kids get overlooked when that happens.
We could make more money doing with less,
but we couldn't be happy knowing your child wasn't getting the best.

#Faith - You can hear it in our music, you can see it in our practices.
Faith is at the core of our gym. It's not for everyone,
but if it's what you're looking for we hope you'll visit.

#Family - It's not just getting your child in the gym,
it's keeping them so we can help them grow.
Graduating Seniors, former members who now coach,
former members who have now brought their own children,
and even the coach's children. It's a family in every sense!

#Success - Competition is about winning, but not just on the floor.
Ask about the number of Seniors we've graduated,
the percentage of members we retain,
ask about the things that matter most to your child
...and then you can look around for the banners and trophies.

#Experience - Carolina Elite is the only gym serving the area for almost 20 years.
Many of our staff members grew up in the program and remain as coaches.
Come see what has given us the longevity that has alluded so many others.

#Value - No one else offers our combination of offering more for less.
Our once a month all inclusive fees makes it easy to understand
and budget for the season with no surprise fees during the year.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to visit!